Resources for Advocacy

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As advocates, we are on the frontlines of the civil justice crisis – and we see firsthand the real human toll it takes.

But the fact is, too many Americans – from our neighbors to our representatives in Congress – have no idea a civil justice crisis exists. We have to change that.

We have to raise awareness if we want to see real reform – and that starts with telling stories.

The resources below provide you with the tools you need to tell the stories of people harmed by the crisis and bring them to life online. Start exploring.


Content Production on a Budget

These video recordings of webinars offered recently by BrieflyStudios will help you learn the technical aspects of storytelling with an impact.


Graphics: Key Solutions to the Civil Justice Crisis

Share these graphics on social media to share solutions for the civil justice crisis and illustrate how we can work together to fix our broken system. 


Graphics: Key Aspects of the Civil Justice Crisis

These easy-to-share social media graphics break down key aspects of the crisis so we can increase awareness of what the civil justice system is – and why it’s in crisis.


Social Media Best Practices

One of the most immediate ways to raise awareness is by leveraging the power of social media. Here are some overall guidelines and best practices for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Email Best Practices

Learn how to send better email to supporters that drives action and creates greater awareness and change for civil justice with this guide on best practices.


Editable Graphics Templates

Want to share your own statistic or quote about the civil justice crisis? We’ve made it easy with these editable graphics – just add in your own data, copy, or quote and post on social media.


Using Photos Effectively

Advocates should be sure to use photos, whether it’s for a report, social media post, or other document, to drive action and engagement.


Digital Advertising 101

Reaching supporters on social media can be challenging in a crowded online environment – online advertising can make a difference, and a little can go a long way. This guide walks through the basics.