Stories from the Civil Justice Crisis

Every year, millions of Americans experience a civil legal problem involving basic necessities of life like housing, health care, safety and income. Many such problems can be resolved with legal help; without it, the consequences can be devastating. When a family is at risk of foreclosure or eviction, a parent faces losing custody of their child, or a veteran is wrongly denied medical care, those are all civil justice problems. No one should be denied justice because they can’t access the help they need or because they’re lost in a system built for lawyers.

We all know someone who has needed civil legal help. These people are our neighbors, family and friends. These are their stories.

Safe at Home

Struggling with chronic health issues, Sonja required her daughter’s assistance with daily activities. Even though she lives in an apartment designated for seniors, the property manager repeatedly threatened to evict her rather than accommodate her obvious need for help. Without her legal aid attorney to help her fight back, Sonja would have been wrongfully forced out of her home. Take a look at Sonja’s story.

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Fighting for Our Veterans

Bill, a Vietnam veteran, would have been homeless but for the help of the civil legal aid attorney at his local Department of Veterans Affairs medical center. At his lowest point, he abruptly lost his source of income, had no access to health care benefits, and was on the brink of losing his home. And then he met his lawyer Jon. Watch Bill’s story.

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